Blackfriary Community Project continues to hit the headlines

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It’s been an eventful number of weeks since our last post; we are busy preparing for our 2013 field season, and working hard to spread the word about the Blackfriary Archaeology Community Project. It has helped that the project and Trim has gotten fantastic media coverage lately due to Keith Bellows and his recent book for National Geographic, 100 Places That Can Change Your Child’s Life. In a recent interview with CNN travel, he listed the Blackfriary Project in his Top Ten. You can imagine the excitement here, to know that we have been listed along side such iconic sites as the Galapagos and the Grand Canyon, as a place to broaden ones cultural horizons.

The Lonely Planet and BBC History Mag are also recommending Meath for your holiday hit list, and as always, we can provide unrivaled access to experts and places (both known and hidden gems)!

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