Dig deeper into the story of Irish Christianity

In the company of charming Irish guides, visit the places special to the development of Celtic Christianity, Ireland’s holy mountains and holy wells. Explore early Irish Monastic culture, medieval Christianity and visit special Irish places of worship today. Enjoy Irish religious music and art along the way. Bespoke tours tailored for groups lending deeper insight into Christianity in Ireland.

Dig Deeper into Irish Archaeology

The suppression of the Catholic Monasteries has left many ruined abbeys throughout Ireland.  Visit the award winning live excavation of a 12th century Dominican Friary, the Blackfriary, to learn more about the life of a medieval monk. Help uncover the layout of a medieval friary and appreciate the ornate materials that were used 750 years ago.

Teachers and Students

Come and participate in the process of discovery. Students have the opportunity to engage with archaeology and the history of medieval Ireland in an outdoor classroom. Learn the process of archaeological excavation in a hands on manor.

For more information or to customise your own bespoke tour, please contact enquiries@culturaltourismireland.ie