Hands on History

Hands on History; Medieval life in Trim

Historic themed family fun events will take place at the 750 year old Blackfriary in Trim in August 2015.

Families who seek a unique Irish cultural experience could not do better than to step back in time into the medieval town of Trim.

Visitors will meet the archaeologists uncovering the long lost friary while trying your hand at simulated archaeology and learning the art of excavation.

Meet characters from medieval Trim, the masons who crafted the church-land buildings, the healers who tended the sick with their leeches, unctions and potions, and the friars who ministered to the nobility and poor alike.



Sunday 9th August
Tuesday 11th August
Sunday 16th August

Tours will be 2 hours in duration.


Admission by pre-reservation only
€45 for family of 4
€15 p/adult
€12.50 p/child

For more information or to reserve a space at the event please email enquiries@culturaltourismireland.ie